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Research & Development

Often we talk about research and development and, above all about the funds that finance them, but at the same time data on investment of Italian companies in such activities, although with some exceptions, are little and poorly managed.

I&P, thanks to a pool of experienced technicians, can support the business sector within the innovative challenge for the growth of the business.

I&P support consists in:
1) definition of goals
2) bibliographic research ("State of the art")
3) analysis of available internal resources
4) analysis of necessary resources
5) operational phases (tests and measures)
6) Stages periodic of analysis and verification
7) Reaching goals
8) Drafting technical documentation
9) support the inclusion in the company of product/process innovation

Research has often been in need of different skills and facilities too expensive for a specific reality: thanks to our network, I&P can assist the company in identifying useful outsourcing policies to promote the innovative process, interacting with either both the academic world, or public and private research centres.